Legacy Identity, Vision, and Mission Defined

First, we believe that girls favorably respond to high expectations especially with supportive, empathetic adults. Secondly, Legacy Academy for Girls believes in developing a community of learners who appreciate and celebrate both their diversities and commonalities within customs, values, and beliefs. Finally, Legacy Academy for Girls believes that student learning must be meaningful and personal for the learning to stick.

Setting high expectations, using common language, modeling, and providing consistent messages from all stakeholders creates an inclusive environment that will prepare our girls to be leaders in a 21st century, global world.

The Legacy Academy for Girls founding team believes that educational programming rooted in these values is critical to the positive life outcomes of girls. We will ensure they are permeated in our school design through the selection of standards, curriculum, resources, and methodologies and are infused throughout our culture, including how we onboard students, staff, parents, community partners, and board members.

Sisterhood: Community of girls who celebrate and support each other

Strength: Girls who are confident and aware of themselves and who they are becoming

Support: A Community of girls who are supported, seen and taught to build their significance.

Service: Girls who are contributing to their community and its needs

Legacy’s tagline “developing and disciplining young women” serves as a reminder that we are all growing in knowledge, creating a life that pleases the Lord so that we are fruitful in all of our work.

School Colors

Gold: Represents the light we are to carry in all places

Pink: Represents friendship and our own happiness

White: Represents brilliance and illumination