Better Educational Opportunities for Girls.

Empowering Girls to lead and learn.




Personalized Learning.

Every girl will receive individualized learning experiences based on interests and learning needs.



College and Career Readiness.

All our graduates will be ready to pursue their careers or attend college studies with an actionable five-year plan.



Diverse Curriculum.

We provide culturally diverse classrooms to motivate students to learn, respect diversity and create a safe, inclusive learning environment.




Welcome To The Legacy Academy for Girls.

The mission of The Legacy Academy for Girls is to provide an educational environment and experience where girls feel safe, valued, and given a truly individualized approach to learning. The Legacy Academy for Girls prepares students for college, careers, and global leadership. Legacy Academy for Girls will graduate prepared to learn, lead, and contribute effectively to their communities. The Legacy Academy is distinguished because of our commitment to the community, parents and guardians, and profound respect for the value and advancement of young women in the communities where we serve.

The Legacy Academy for Girls combines online learning and face-to-face instruction as a blended learning school. The Legacy Academy for Girl’s mission is to combine a rigorous curriculum with high-quality instruction, a robust advisory program, and a college and career immersion experience to teach the lifelong skill of being self-directed, lifelong learners and to prepare them (1) to be successful in post-secondary studies (2) to compete in the 21st-century workforce, and (3) to be positively engaged as productive citizens in their community.

The Legacy Academy for Girls is a single-gender hybrid elementary for girls in grades K-6 in Montgomery, AL. The Legacy Academy for Girls is open to all girls, focusing on increasing high-quality education access.


Since 2010, our nonprofit has been partnering with education leaders to
increase equity and achievement for girls of color.